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Eyeview720HD video sunglasses
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Our Price: $9.00

Replacement CLEAR LENSES for your Eye-View720HD glasses.  A set of two lenses.  

(the Eye-View sunglasses comes with a pair of clear lenses in its kit)
Our Price: $9.00

Replacement POLARIZED LENSES for your Eye-View720HD glasses.  A set of two lenses.
Eye-View Sunglasses Neck Strap Retainer
Eye-View Sunglasses Neck Strap Retainer
Our Price: $13.00

Eye-View Sunglasses Neck Strap Retainer
Waterproof USB Power Bank 2600mAh
Waterproof USB Power Bank 2600mAh
Our Price: $39.00
Sale Price: $31.00
Savings: $8.00

Waterproof USB Power Bank 2600mAh


This is a 2600mAh Waterproof power bank. It is made out of machined aluminum and can go underwater up to 16 feet (IPX8). It weighs 2.75oz. It's a complete kit with underwater cables. It can also attach to your belt with it's built-in clip.

Has a 3 LED display that has two purposes. When charging it will show the level of the charge. When plugged into a camera, pushing the button will show the battery level. When level is almost dead, the left LED will flash. Also has a 90 degree USB plug to keep the USB cable snug against your camera.

This power bank has an autostart feature. Meaning, when you plug in a camera, it automatically turns on and powers your camera.

Output is 1mAh. Charge time from computer is 4 hours. Will recharge more than 500 times.

Works great with any of our cameras to charge. Use with our retractable very small 90 degree USB cable and this power bank could attach to your belt.

This can charge your GoPro 2 1/2x

Eye-View720HD video sunglasses
Eye-View720HD Video Eyewear Sunglasses - CLEARANCE
Our Price: $199.00
Sale Price: $150.00
Savings: $49.00

Eye-View720HD Video Sunglasses


Now you truly can be like Bond, James Bond. Besides being great polarized sun glasses, you get the convenience of an HD video camera for an amazing first person perspective. Records great audio too!

Imagine catching that big fish or driving that great race or seeing that great concert and you can capture every moment. Glasses have a black rubberized finish for great grip. kit includes:

Eye-View720HD with polarized lenses, clear lenses, case, cleaning cloth, manual, USB cable, 90 day warranty.

Camera requires a micro SD card not included. See our other package. Note: the camera is designed for 60Hz indoor lighting (fluorescent, LED). 50Hz will give a slow moving horizontal lines in the picture. Also, the camera shoots at 30fps, not 25.

Optional: Use up to 32GB micro SD card (10 hrs HD video)

Because this is a clearance price, there are no refunds or exchanges unless defective.

Click here for a great 'trimming' program to edit your camera footage.

Click for a Training Video on how to use



  • Polarized sunglasses (extra clear lenses included at no additional charge,
    camo version also includes yellow lenses)
  • H.264 720p@30fps
  • MOV quicktime format: 1hr=3.1GB, 5 hrs=15.5GB
  • Built-in USB 2 Hour battery (500mAh battery)
  • Use up to 32GB micro SD card (5 hrs video)
  • Wide 135 degree angle of view
  • Audio: PCM mono 32khz, 512kbps
  • 1 simple start/off button.  no menus to mess with
  • Use the USB plug to transfer files and charge battery at same time
  • Glasses have a black rubberized finish for great grip
  • Working temp:  23F to 104F
  • Connects to Mac or PC
  • 1 year warranty
  • Includes carrying case, cloth, USB cable, AC adapter, clear lenses
  • Many many uses: vacations, concerts, events, surveillance, hunting, action sports, weddings, etc.

Eye-Views are available for 60hz (USA) indoor lighting compatibility.

eye-view side open view

eye-view720hd diagram



Kit includes (camo kit also includes yellow lenses):
          Eye-View 720HD     eye-view case  clear lens       
cleaning cloth  usb cable  manual

Download the Eye-View720HD manual


Instructions on how to turn on/off the date/time stamp. It is OFF from the factory.

60hz (USA) Download this zip file to turn on/off the date/time stamp (instructions included).

Then after you have activated the date/time stamp, you'll need to follow the directions
in the manual on how to set the correct time on the Eye-View. Here is a sample time.txt file to start with.