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NEW GoPro HERO5 HERO6 Underwater HDMI Live Video Feed Out Housing by Eye Of Mine 25 - 100'

GoPro HERO5 HERO6 Underwater HDMI Housing 12v power Live Video Feed Out Housing by Eye Of Mine

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Our Price: $450.00

Availability:: Subject to availability
Product Code: EUVH-5H

Hero5/6 HDMI Video & 12v Power Cable Length

Hero5/6 HDMI & 12v Power Cable*:
25' HDMI cable & NO POWER [Subtract -$30.00]
25' HDMI cable & 12v Cable [Subtract -$10.00]
50' HDMI cable & 12v Cable
100' HDMI & BOOSTER & 12v small cable [Add $80.00]


GoPro HERO5 HERO6 Underwater HDMI Integrated Live Video Feed Out Housing by Eye Of Mine

ONLY FOR THE HERO5, HERO6. Does NOT work with the Hero3 3+ 4. See our other housings. This price is for housing only, camera not included.

Currently, we are the only company making an underwater video out housing for the Hero5/6. Worldwide shipping available.
{This is a SPECIAL ORDER ITEM and generally takes up to 2 weeks to make before we ship out}

This is an underwater GoPro Hero5 housing that has 25', 50', or 100' of live HDMI video out and a separate cable for 12v power. It is beautiful uncompressed HDMI with no latency. We've now integrated the usb-c power box into the housing on the back side. This gives the camera more power so it can RUN INDEFINITELY.

Possible Uses:
  • Swimming analysis for swim teams, swim clubs, swim instructors
  • Reef analysis
  • Ship inspection
  • Pipe inspection
  • Aquarium live view etc.

This is a custom housing for Hero5/6 camera allowing room for the HDMI & power cables. This is a good housing for swim teams, swim clubs or swim instructors. Also good for underwater inspections or even above water outdoor monitoring.

Housing Dimensions:
5" wide x 4" tall (including mount) x 3" deep

Housing has a second smaller cable for power. 12-22v power cable - just use any external 12v-22v DC power supply at 2 amps. It has a standard 2.1mm x 5.5mm barrel plug. The USB-C format requires an electronics box (seen in the pictures) in order to get maximum power to the camera.

The Hero5/6 can run without the battery in the housing when running from the external power in this housing.

Camera functions/records as it normally would without the video out connected. So if you have the camera set at 4k/30, it will record at 4k/30, even though the live video output may degrade to another resolution. See below.
Important resolution note: The HDMI standard does not support all the GoPro resolutions/frame rates for TVs/devices for live video out. Here's the 'oddball' resolutions the GoPro has: 2.7K, 2.7K 4:3, 1440p, 960. However the camera does downgrade nicely for the live video out. In other words, if the resolution you are recording at is not supported by HDMI, then the live video out will display the next resolution down.
Hero6 notes: If you are shooting at 4k/30, then the live video output will display at 1080 when in idle/standby mode. When recording, the live output will DOWNGRADE to 720.
Hero5 notes: Oddly enough, when in idle/standby at 4k/30, the live video output is also at 4k/30 (better than Hero6), but when recording 4k, it downgrades to 480 for the live video.

NOTE: AS OF THIS WRITING, QuikCapture is not working correctly when both cables are plugged in. (Hero5 Firmware version 2.6, Hero6 v1.6). Quick Capture is when the camera is set to turn on and start recording by only pressing the shutter button. Do not use this feature.

We've included an external battery pack specifically for Hero5 (does not go in the housing). It will give you about 2 more full charges of your Hero5 camera battery:


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This is a SPECIAL ORDER ITEM and may not be in stock when you order it.

HDMI is only designed to go into HDMI monitors. You cannot get the signal into a tablet or smartphone. If you want to record onto a PC computer, it will require a converter box: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1010853-REG/hauppauge_hau1528_streameez_pro.html

Eye Of Mine is not responsible for damage, injury or loss of equipment from the use of this housing. Use at your own risk.We recommend testing without the camera first at any significant depths.
** Replacement is limited to replacing the housing only.

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