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HD HDMI Wireless Transmitter / Receiver Kit - 1080p

HD Wireless Kit - 1080p

Our Price: $399.00
Sale Price: $349.00
Savings: $50.00

Product Code: EHDK

Only for the HD Hero2 and Hero3 (requires a micro to HDMI adapter or cable which we don't sell yet)

HD wireless video Kit -Uncompressed 1080p: This kit has a line-of-sight distance of 60 feet (30 feet through walls). In our testing, we are able to go 80 feet with absolutely crystal clear, glitch free video/audio. Uses 5.1-5.9Ghz frequencies. It IS possible to daisy chain the kits for even longer range. This is because the receiver and transmitter are paired and thus locked to each other when transmitting/receiving. No batteries included in kit, only AC power.

This is because they take a lot of power. 5v, 3Amp. Could be run from a car accessory plug if you have a AC inverter (takes about 15 watts of power).  This kit recognizes ALL HD Hero2 resolutions and frame rates. Of course this can be used with any other camera that has an HDMI plug. Maximum transmission power:12dBm (20mW). Note the remote control is not included in this kit. Does NOT work with the HD Hero, only Hero2


HD Transmitter. 7 oz    Power connector is 3.4mm OD, 1.3mm ID

HD Receiver, 7 oz     Power connector is 3.4mm OD, 1.3mm ID

Two AC power adapters

One standard HDMI cable 6 feet

1 HDMI to mini HDMI adapter (for Hero2)
12v to 5v converter (see below accessories)
Optional battery packs:  6800mAh or 9800mAh (4800mAh not recommended).

12v to 5v 15W Converter for HD Wireless Kit 12V 9800mAh Mega Battery
Our Price: $49.00
Our Price: $89.00
12v to 5v 15W Converter for HD Wireless Kit 12V 9800mAh Mega Battery for wireless kits