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GoPro Hero3 3+ 4 Underwater POWER, VIDEO 275' - 350' Live Video Feed Out Housing

GoPro Underwater INTEGRATED POWER/VIDEO Live Video Feed Out Housing Hero3 3+ 4

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List Price: $360.00
Our Price: $350.00
Savings: $10.00

Availability:: SPECIAL ORDER
Product Code: EUVHLONG

SD Video Cable Length

SD Video Cable*:
275' SD Video Cable
300' SD Video Cable [Add $30.00]
325' SD Video Cable [Add $50.00]
350' SD Video Cable [Add $70.00]
12V Power Cable

Separate Power Cable:
275' 12v Power Cable [Add $60.00]
300' 12v Power Cable [Add $80.00]
325' 12v Power Cable [Add $100.00]
350' 12v Power Cable [Add $120.00]
Cable Bundling

Zip Tie Every 6":
for cables 225' - 300' [Add $70.00]
for cables 325' - 350' [Add $90.00]


GoPro Hero3 3+ 4 Underwater POWER, VIDEO 275' - 350' Live Video Feed Out Housing

Does NOT work with the Hero5

Currently, we are the only company making an underwater video out housing for the Hero3 3+ 4. Worldwide shipping available.
{This is a SPECIAL ORDER ITEM and generally takes up to a week to make before we ship out}

This is a specialty housing. For extra long cable length. Either VIDEO CABLE ONLY or Video and 12v Power in separate cables.

Available in: 275, 300, 325, 350 lengths. WE DON'T RECOMMEND going deeper than 300 with the GoPro housing.

  • Camera functions as it normally does when recording to the MicroSD card. If set to 1080, it will record at 1080 for example.
  • This uses either ONE VIDEO cable or TWO CABLES for video out and powering the camera. You input with any DC power from 12v-38v (standard female 2.1mm x 5.5mm barrel plug), we convert to 5v in housing.
  • Each cable is about 1/16" in diameter, very small.
  • Video end plug for a monitor is a Locking BNC. Male RCA adapter included.
  • You can use any GoPro Hero3 3+ 4 housing snap on filters (red, polarizer, etc). See bottom of this page. Don't use 3+/4 standard housing filters.
  • We pressure test to 220 feet which is the max of our pressure tank.
If you want to capture the SD video to a laptop, you'll need a USB video Capture device. They are definitely not all created equal. Basically, you get what you pay for because the signal has to be compressed and then decompressed and if the software isn't written well, it will look terrible. You need a capture device that can show a LIVE signal (some only save directly to a file).Here's a good one: Hauppauge HAUP610 USB-Live2.

Possible uses:
  • Swimming analysis for swim teams, swim clubs, swim instructors
  • Reef analysis
  • Trolling behind a boat
  • Pipe Inspection
  • Aquarium live view
  • etc.
Here's a few notes to consider:

The GoPro battery bacpac and LCD screen will NOT work in this housing because the video/power cable uses the same back port. There is no way to control the camera remotely with this housing.

If you choose the zip tie option, please note that the cable will no longer be smooth and could get caught on something while reeling in/out. You wouldn't be able to guide the cable with your hand unless you had gloves.

This is Standard Definition (SD) and not available in HDMI
because it is not possible to get an HD signal out of the back port.
SD resolution is 640x480 (4:3 aspect ratio) and in widescreen formats you probably will see black bars at top and bottom.

INTL ORDERS: Do not use USPS first class mail. It does not have tracking, or insurance and can take 4 weeks to deliver.

This housing does NOT work with the Session camera.
Camera is not included.

** IMPORTANT NOTE: 12V BATTERY OR WALL ADAPTER MUST HAVE CENTER PIN POSITIVE OR IT MAY DAMAGE YOUR CAMERA (generally not an issue in USA). Do not use 2.5mm barrel plug. It will not fit. Should be 2Amp

Eye Of Mine is not responsible for damage, injury or loss of equipment from the use of this housing. Use at your own risk.We recommend testing without the camera first at any significant depths

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