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ND Neutral Density Lens for GoPro Hero3 3+ Hero4 Housing

ND Neutral Density Lens for GoPro Hero3 Housing

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Our Price: $19.00

Product Code: END3

Only for HD Hero3 Housing.  This is ONLY the lens and not the housing.

This is a specialty item. Ever see RC/helicopter blades as if they are standing still (see video below)? Wouldn't it be nice to blur them? All you have to do is cut out some of the light to the lens (ND filter) and you'll get nice realistic blurred propellers, tires, roads, etc. to give you a natural feel. 

This is a GoPro Hero3 ND FILTER for the housing with a .9 (3 stops) darkness that you install yourself onto your own Hero3 housing.  We supply the specialty screwdriver that it requires.  The purpose of this ND Lens is to cut down the light to the camera so the HD Hero3 camera can get a longer exposure causing moving/spinning items to blur out and usually disappear completely from view which is more pleasing to the eye.

NOT FOR UNDERWATER USE. ONLY FOR BRIGHT SUNLIGHT OR BRIGHT OVERCAST DAYS. If you use it in any other weather conditions, it will cause the automatic video gain in the camera to go up and it will look grainy. This is an acrylic lens.

This ND filter may make your GoPro sensor show slightly warm in color.  It is easily color corrected with an editing program.  Best way is show something that is white at the beginning of the scene and in editing choose that as the 'white point' and it will correctly color correct your scene if needed.

Propeller demo
Strobbing effect with spinning objects without ND filter