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We now have over 9,000 happy flat lens customers! 

All our flat lens housings work with the HD Hero & HD Hero2 cameras (not necessary for Hero3, 3+)

You have three options:
OPTION 1A  is a flat lens permanently attached to a normal HD housing         
is a flat lens permanently attached to GoPro WRIST housing (standard & pro versions)  
OPTION 2  is a flat lens permanently attached to the GoPro 3D housing (pro version only)

All 3 options use the SAME LENS so the quality is identical.  


GoPro LCD bacpac available . 
Works with the Eye Of Mine (GoPro) underwater housing (but not 3D housing). 
LCD Ships with a thicker doors:

lcd bacpac  lcd bacpac


These fishies shot with the flat lens housing (with the HD Hero):

fishflatlens1   fishflatlens2

A video all shot with the Eye Of Mine Flat Lens Housing at 1080p:

Marsa Shagra og Marsa Abu Dabbab - Egypten from Søren Mikkelsen on Vimeo.


A customer returned his flat lens housing to us complaining it was all scratched and didn't know why. 

scratched housing  scrached

We did some investigating and found this video:

GoPro Underwater Shark Experiment from Eric Cheng on Vimeo.

Of course we're kidding.  We thought this was such an amazing video, we asked for the housing back
so we could post pictures of it.  How often do you get a keepsake full of shark spit!  Thanks Eric!
Obviously, this video shows how rugged our flat lens housing is (GoPro get's some credit too). 
We may have to rename our housing to the Shark Denture Cam. Check out that close focus clarity.  5 inches?





We've permanently attached a flat lens to the GoPro underwater housing to get razor sharp
video and stills underwater and on land.*  Ideally you would use your existing housing for land and this
housing for underwater use.  Best video setting is 1080p and 720p video with this housing.  There will be NO vignetting at these resolutions at all. You can also use stills and 960p, but there is a little bit of vignetting at the far corners.   Focus is from 8" to infinity. We are selling the COMPLETE housing.  All you do is add camera and start shootn'.
This flat lens housing pressure tested to 100 feet (30 meters) .**

professional flat lens housing
Order the version 1 flat lens using glue - limited supply for $59! 

New Version 2 using ORings instead of glue ($79)



The two hosts from Shark Week talking about our flat lens housing.

Here's a blog with a STILL IMAGE comparison of the standard GoPro housing with our
flat lens housing done by a one of our happy customers.  Below image taken with flat lens housing:
flat lens housing fish
Dania Erojacks AND Eyeofmine.com vs. Standard GoPro Housing Underwater

This video shot with the above flat lens housing:


A 1080p customer video of MantaRays shot by Massimo Di Puccio at 80 feet (25m):

A 1080p customer video shot by Derek Broussard.  Shipwreck at 90 feet:

A customer video shot by blessumm shot at 960p at 112 feet.  Slight vignetting at 960p:

A 1080p customer video shot by Seb Wirth:

Here are some stills using the above flat lens housing (cropped slightly):



man with stick    flat lens housing

Here are some screenshots from video

yosemite - water

Yes this is actually underwater and it's from video!
water tree

With stills and 960p you will get slight vignetting on the corners.  Can be easily cropped out:


The acrylic flat lens is hand-glued onto the housing, so it may not look pretty, but you’ll get they shots you want.
Because this GoPro housing has been modified by Eye Of Mine, it is not covered under GoPro's warranty.**

Flat lens housing instruction manual (PDF)

*We don't recommend extensive use on land because the acrylic flat lens is susceptible to scratches and the flat lens does not
repel water or dirt as well as a curved lens.
** Eye Of Mine guarantees the standard housing to be leak-proof up to 100 feet, prof. up to 200 feet. 
Professional version guaranteed to 180 feet. Limited to replacement of the flat lens housing only.



OPTION 1B - FLAT LENS WRIST HOUSING standard and pro version- HD Hero

A video on how to keep the WRIST housing upright

NEW Underwater flat lens WRIST housing for HD Hero:   We permanently added a
flat lens to the GoPro wrist housing to give you razor sharp images and video underwater at 1080p and 720p. 
There will be NO vignetting at these resolutions at all.
Slight vignetting at 960 and stills.
Good to 100 feet (30 meters).  Will work on land too.  
This housing is NOT compatible with any other GoPro mount.

flat lens wrist housing


Professional version ($99): Identical to the standard flat lens WRIST housing we sell, except we take extra
care in making these.  EACH and every professional flat lens housing is pressure tested
at 200 feet
(61 meters) for 1 hour. **   We've added a rubber ring around lens for added protection. 
We are selling the COMPLETE housing.  All you do is add camera and start shootn'.

Note: the GoPro housing itself is rated at 180 feet (60 meters), so 200 feet is right on the fringe for this GoPro housing.

flat lens wrist housing


Here's a wrist housing adapter we made to allow the housing to work on other GoPro Mounts. 
Will NOT work with the LCD bacpac.
wrist housing adapter



OPTION 2 - 3D FLAT LENS HOUSING pro version - HD Hero

Currently shipping - limited quantities

3d flat lens housing

This is the GoPro 3D housing kit (complete GoPro kit) that we have modified with a flat lens to make it crystal clear underwater.  Preferred resolutions are 1080p and 720p where there is no vignetting at all.  960p and stills have slight vignetting that is easily fixed in editing.  We pressure test these housings at 200 feet for 1 hour.

This is an Eye Of Mine exclusive.         


 ** Replacement is limited to replacing the housing only. 

Eye Of Mine is not responsible for damage, injury or loss of equipment from the use of this housing.   Use at your own risk.  We recommend testing without the camera first at any significant depths.