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5.8Ghz Wireless Transmitter GoPro Bacpac Hero2 3 3+ 4 HDMI Wireless Transmitter / Receiver Kit 500 Foot Range
5.8Ghz Wireless Transmitter GoPro Bacpac Hero2 3 3+ 4
Our Price: $120.00
Sale Price: $89.00
Savings: $31.00
HDMI 5.8Ghz Wireless Transmitter / Receiver Kit 500 Foot Range
Our Price: $450.00
Sale Price: $399.00
Savings: $51.00


Everything below works with the HD Hero2 & Hero3

wireless diagram

Skeleton HD Hero housings are here

We can get you up and running with live video out in no time. With the firmware camera upgrade, you have the option of having icon overlays on the wireless image or not.

We are offering a variety of wireless live video packages. Also optional accessories for the packages.

Possible uses for live video:

  • To show on the big screen LIVE at an event.
  • To analyze motorsports vehicle suspension travel and clearance issues LIVE.
  • To have the ability to view and record a live video feed for quick editing at a lower resolution.
  • For R/C vehicles, you can now drive by video. Vehicle no longer has to be in-sight.
  • To help setup an important shot, without having to shoot and review.
  • To know exactly when the camera is taking a still picture (good for timelapse mode).
  • For a professional production environment where live HD or standard video output is required.

    Once you are all setup, why not broadcast it LIVE to the internet. Ustream
    or LiveCast

Watch the video to see the live video in action:

None of the packages are designed for underwater use or should be used in a damp environment. Enclosing the electronics including the antennas in a plastic bag will not affect performance.

Here's a chart showing wireless frequencies in USA

All wireless packages are special order. Allow approx 2-3 weeks.

We've testing on a race track and below is a test video. Wireless video systems simply do not like a lot of movement and definately don't like wire fences. It will work will for R/C planes, etc. or stationary transmission with no problem.

Now we know why Nascar uses a blimp/helicopter overhead and beams the video signal from an antenna OUTSIDE the vehicle. That keeps the signal at the same distance from the receiver and there very little 'perceived' movement from the receiver's perspective.

1: When the wireless antenna is inside the vehicle, the sheet metal body acts as a barrier to the signal and because there are windows, as the vehicle changes orientation, the signal will get stronger/weaker at the receiver end.

2: Changes in orientation, distance to the receiver affect the signal.

3: Vehicle electronics/ignition can affect the video signal.

4: Using the supplied omni directional antennas dilutes the range and increase the chance of interference. Ideally, a directional antenna should be pointed at the moving transmitter at all times to get the strongest signal.

We will investigate other systems or methods to reduce the issues above.

Nothing like seeing an actual wireless test. At Irwindale Speedway no less. We had wireless experts watch the video and their comments are in the video in red:

GoPro HD Hero 2.4ghz wireless video test from Eye Of Mine Product Videos on Vimeo.

Please note that these are approved wireless frequencies in the United States, but may not be in your country.
Please check before ordering. All systems are EITHER NTSC or PAL. We will ship NTSC unless you note otherwise on the comment section on the order form or in an email to us if you're outside the US.

All wireless packages are special order. Allow approx 2-3 weeks.


Eye Of Mine carries an HD wireless kit for the HD Hero2 & Hero3!!
No, not $2,500. We have a complete HD transmitter kit for $399!
This is full uncompressed 1080p.

wired 1

dc-dc converter

HD Wireless kit 1080p uncompressed: Yes you read correctly. We now have an unbelieveable uncompressed 1080p wireless video system! This kit has a line-of-sight distance of 60 feet (30 feet through walls). In our testing, we are able to get 80 feet with absolutely crystal clear, glitch free uncompressed video/audio. Uses 5.1-5.9Ghz frequencies. It IS possible to daisy chain the kits for even longer range. This is because the receiver and transmitter are paired and thus locked to each other when transmitting/receiving. Could be run from a car accessory plug if you have a AC inverter (takes about 15 watts of power). This kit recognizes ALL HD Hero2 resolutions and frame rates. And is truly plug and play. You can be broadcasting within seconds after everything is plugged in. Of course this can be used with any other camera that has an HDMI plug. Maximum transmission power:12dBm (20mW). Note the remote control is not included in this kit. Does NOT work with the HD Hero, only Hero2


HD Transmitter. 7 oz Power connector is 3.4mm OD, 1.3mm ID
HD Receiver, 7 oz Power connector is 3.4mm OD, 1.3mm ID
Two AC power adapters
One standard HDMI cable 6 feet
RCA coupler
1 swivel HDMI to mini HDMI adapter

Transmitter and receiver are both: 6" x 4" x1"


We now have a 12v to 5V converter that allows you to run the transmitter/receiver from our 12V batteries. Requires two converters if you want DC power for both transmitter and receiver. Battery not included.

HDMI cables and adapters:

1 1/2 feet HDMI to MINI HDMI $15
3 feet HDMI to HDMI cable $15
6 feet HDMI to HDMI cable $25
7 feet HDMI to MINI HDMI cable $20
12 feet HDMI to HDMI cable $25
HDMI to MINI HDMI adapter $15
HDMI to MINI HDMI SWIVEL adapter: $20


Wireless Package 1A
: ($134)
Low power 2.4Ghz analog SD 100mw wireless option . This is a good entry level system if you'll be within a couple hundred feet of the camera and have your own monitor. Wireless RANGE: 100-300 ft. line of sight. You can add to this package-See OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES section.

2.4GHZ $134
ad to ffshoppingcart
wired 1


  • 100mw 2.4Ghz 4 channel transmitter (weight: 1oz requires 9v)
  • 8 channel wireless receiver
  • 12V battery pack for receiver (4800mAh weight:6.5oz)
  • 3-RCA to 3-RCA cable for connection to a standard TV.
  • RCA coupler
    Note: The Hero2 does NOT come with the composite video out cable.

Audio does not transmit with the HD Hero for an unknown reason. Battery is different than pictured. See battery section below. Channels:

Ch1 2.43
Ch2 2.5
Ch3 2.67

Wiring diagram

Training video https://vimeo.com/25641503


Wireless Package 2A: ($254) This is a HIGH POWER 2.4Ghz analog SD 1000mw wireless package. This is a good entry level system with a wireless RANGE: approx 1/4 mile line of sight. Instead of a 9V, the transmitter requires a bigger 12v battery (slightly smaller than a deck of cards). Choose this package if you will be far from the camera and already have your own monitor. You can add to this package- See OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES section.
ad to ffshoppingcart
wired 1


  • 1000mw 2.4Ghz transmitter* (weight: 4oz.)
  • 12V battery pack for transmitter (4800mAh weight:6.5oz)
  • 12 channel receiver
  • 12V battery pack for receiver (4800mAh)
  • 3-RCA to 3-RCA cable for connection to a standard TV.

Audio does not transmit with the HD Hero for an unknown reason. Battery is different than pictured. See battery section below. Channels:



Wiring diagram

*The transmitter gets very warm to the touch. In fact the entire case is an aluminum heat sink. When mounting it, leave about a 1 inch gap around it so the heat can dissipate. Don't let it touch styrofoam, balsa wood and anything else with a low melting point.

Training video:https://vimeo.com/25641503

Wireless Package 2B: ($254)

ad to ffshoppingcart EWLPK2B

Same as above but with 1.2-1.3Ghz and 800mW
Note. Some of the frequencies in this transmitter may not be legal in your country (for USA look here). Please check before ordering. Below is a list of the 12 frequencies:

Ch1 9.93Mhz
Ch9 1.16
Ch2 1.021
ChA 1.18
Ch3 1.051
ChB 1.2
Ch4 1.061
ChC 1.22
Ch5 1.081
ChD 1.24
Ch6 1.1
ChE 1.256
Ch7 1.2
ChF 1.28
Ch8 1.14

OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES for wired and wireless packages. The HD Hero prefers a non-widescreen SD monitor because it adds black bars at top and bottom when necessary. A wide-screen SD monitor will simply stretch them image keeping the black bars at top and bottom.

ad to ffshoppingcart sd composite cable
Included in the HD Hero kit, but NOT in the Hero2 kit from GoPro. This is the very hard to find
ECMP-3 4 conducter sub-mini plug to 3 RCA. Use this to connect your GoPro to the wireless systems.
This is a short 3' long cable.

ad to ffshoppingcart ultralife 9v
($7) Ultralife 9v Lithium Battery :
This is the best 9V battery out there (not rechargeable).
EULB-9V Normal 9V battery has 595mAh and this has an amazing 1200mAh.
Use it when you need that extra time on your 100mw wireless transmitter(1200/100=12hrs approx).

ad to ffshoppingcart 12v battery
($39) 12V 4800mAh Battery:
Used for the 1000mw transmitter and receiver.
Rated at 4800mAh.
E12V Will run the transmitter for about 4 hrs. 6 oz (172g), 2.5" x 3" x .75"
Battery has an on/off switch and has a male and female 2.5mm power connector.
Comes with charger. This is the battery that is included in the above wireless kits.

ad to ffshoppingcart super battery 9800
12V 6800mAh super battery: This is marginally heavier than the 4500mAh battery
E12V-S (7.1oz vs. 6oz), but is thicker and taller. This is a powerhouse. Can power your
1000mW transmitter for about 7 hours. Comes with charger, an on/off switch with LED
light and a male and female 2.5mm power connectors. Dimensions: 2" x 3.5" x 1"

ad to ffshoppingcart mega battery 9800
If you're looking for a 12V battery with mega power, this is it. An amazing 9800mAh in a
E12V-M size that fits in the palm of your hand. it's not light (17 oz), but it is small and powerful.
Dimensions: 4.5" long x 1.5" tall x 2.25" wide.

Comparing the above two batteries: compare12v

ad to ffshoppingcart wrist monitor

($199) Add 3.5 inch Wrist Monitor : This is a great monitor because it's big, it can fit on your wrist
E35WMN with supplied wrist strap, has rechageable batteries (4 AA included), supports audio and has a
flip out desktop arm. Also comes with a metal rotating arm for permanent mounting.
320x240 resolution. Can charge through USB, AV in and out. Use your GoPro cable to connect
to the monitor's cable (approx. 6' total).

ad to ffshoppingcart wrist monitor monitor on camera

($109) Add 2.5" wrist monitor 510 x 290 resolution with built-in battery (no audio).
E25WMN Use your GoPro cable to connect to the monitor's cable (approx. 6' total)-NOT SHOWN. This monitor
is not waterproof.

ad to ffshoppingcart 2.5 handheld
Add 16 foot flagpole: For use with our wireless video kits. With video, the higher the receiver
EFLG-16 the better the signal, and the height lessens interference from other electronics. Also gets
the receiver above fences, etc. This is a great, 7 lb lightweight anodized aluminum flagpole
in 4 sections that expands up to 16 feet. Has 1 quick latch at the top and another and the
bottom of the top section. You can easily attach the wireless receiver to the top clip (see picture).
Note the transmitter is NOT weatherproof. You could also keep the wireless receiver on the
ground and extend just the antenna to the top of the pole.

Note this comes with a separate metal tube that can be dug into the ground, but the pole
does not come with any kind of flat stand. You could try attaching to side of a housing (see pic)
or car or trailer.

Below are some Tips and tricks for wireless. We live in a world of wireless devices: Cell phones, cordless phones, wireless routers, beepers, wireless TV such as sling box, bluetooth, wireless internet cards...the list goes on...and any one of these has the potential to interfere with your wireless signal. So, before doing any kind of important event, TEST, TEST TEST.

Line of sight means literally just that. If anything is in the line of sight - a tree, house, wall, your range will be decreased.

The most important single thing for a good wireless signal is antenna placement, for both transmitter and receiver. The HIGHER THE BETTER with antennas. Try to get as close to line-of-sight as possible. Obviously that may not possible indoors, so keep the antenna high. For vehicles try to put the antenna high and outside, otherwise the metal of the vehicle is like a cocoon and will reduce the range depending on the angle of the transmitter to the receiver. Moving cameras will always be problematic in city environments.

Second most important is try to stay away from anything that is transmitting a signal. And secondarily, try to stay away from any power boxes, outlets, transformers, generators. On vehicles, stay away from ignition electronics, spark plugs, distributors, magnetos AND driver radios.

And the third item of importance is battery, battery, battery. When your battery starts to loose it's power, your wireless signal will suffer. And you won't even know why the signal is bad! Some symptoms of low power can be bad reception, wavy video, loss of color. So, don't be cheap, use a fresh battery (or freshly charged) before any important event. Happy transmitting!

Underwater: It is not possible to transmit radio waves underwater (that's why they use sonar). The only way to have wireless underwater would be to run the transmitter antenna (and video cable) to the surface of the water, which would defeat the purpose of a 'wireless camera'.


Disclaimer: Eye Of Mine is not responsible for bad wireless transmissions due to poor area, bad weather, interference from other devices or excessive distance. Eye Of Mine is also not responsible for operating with excessive transmission power. It is the customer's responsibility to obtain any necessary licenses. None of the packages are designed for underwater use. Actual products shipped may be slightly different than