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G3 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Ultra GoPro 3 3+ Hero4 ( Hero2 ) - DISCONTINUED
G3 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Ultra GoPro 3 3+ Hero4 ( Hero2 ) - DISCONTINUED

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Intl orders: Do not choose USPS first class shipping. It does not have tracking, or insurance and can take up to 4 weeks to deliver.

This is the COMPLETE kit with batteries, battery charger, USB firmware cable, foam protective box. Camera NOT included.

The Gimbal works fine with the Hero4. Identical dimensions. Hero4 black is marginally heavier. Ironically, Silver is lighter than Black and it has an LCD screen:

We get asked alot if the LCD bacpac will work with the gimbal. Yes it will, but that is where the camera mounts to the gimbal so you risk scratching the LCD screen and you really only see the left half of the screen!


There is now software to adjust the settings of the gimbal (PC only). It can adjust tilt (up/down) or roll. It can also adjust the panning reaction speed. Slow, medium or fast:


You can download the above settings software here. Note it requires the latest firmware:

You can download the latest firmware here. Requires firmware installation software below it:

Firmware installation software:

USB Drivers:


New YouTube Music Video shot with the gimbal:
Rad by Play Date

The gimbal on a motorcycle. So smooth!
Gimbal on Motorcycle

The future is here. This small 3 Axis gimbal by Feiyu-Tech can give you the most amazing smooth shots you've ever taken. You can run up steps, run on the beach, shoot on a boat with large waves....it doesn't matter. This gimbal can take it all. And it has amazing torque.

Now this thing isn't light (15 oz without camera). It is designed to professional specs out of machined aluminum. But it is durable, made to be used alot. Battery life is great. Uses 3 CR123 rechargeable batteries. Should NOT be used in wet or dusty environments. This should be considered a very delicate gimbal and should not be dropped since alignment is critical for this to work properly.

4 rechargeable CR123 batteries (gimbal requires 3) and battery charger included at no extra charge. Please note that these use CR123 batteries that are at 3.7V. There are other 123 batteries that are 3v (very confusing) that will work for a short time, but you will constantly get a blinking blue light saying low power.

Watch our YouTube DEMO video below.

It has 3 modes of operation:

Mode 1: Fixed tilt (pitch) and roll. In this mode you can move the gimbal and the tilt and roll will not move. However, the pan (heading) can move. It is sensitive to how fast you pan. Slow pan makes the camera move slowly. Fast pan and the camera will start slow and quickly 'ramp up' to a faster pan. Giving you that professional look.

Mode 2: Follow tilt. Works the same as above, except when you tilt up or down, it will follow your movement. It still will absorb any quick tilts, when whey you are slow and deliberate with your tilt, the camera will follow it.

Mode 3: All 3 axis are LOCKED. No matter what you do, the camera simply will not move from it's determined location. The fixed location is determined from when you press the lock button on the gimbal.

We don't recommend using the Gopro LCD bacpac because that's where the camera mounts. You wouldn't be able to see much and risk scratching the LCD screen. The screws for the camera mount are not long enough and you would need to use a rubber band to hold the camera on.

The gimbal contains sensitive electronics and should not be considered an all-weather gimbal. It should be protected from harsh environments. The camera waterproof housing will not work with the gimbal.

You CAN use the battery Bacpac on the Hero3 with no issues.
The screws for the camera mount are not long enough and you would need to use a rubber band to hold the camera on.



This will work with the Hero2, but it fits really tight in the mount. So much that it probably will scratch your camera housing. The brace will not work, but because it fits so snug, a simple rubber band would be a good backup brace. It's not as front heavy as you would expect be cause most of the weight (battery) is in the back:



See our Custom Clamp mount by Eye Of Mine in accessories below. Works great with our Roll Bar mount pictured below:

Note that this gimbal isn't designed to be in a wet, dirty environment. Also isn't designed for extreme bumps such as potholes, or extreme vibrations such as on dragsters. Also, prolonged corner Gforces such as in a long sweeping corner will cause the mount to tilt to to the side.

Use one of our slip-on lens filters to protect the lens. Either Clear or ND Neutral Density. See accessories section near bottom of this page.

New Arrival: Carbon Fiber extension tubes!

See below accessories for the new 5.8ghz transmitter that would fit on the gimbal.

There are LIMITATIONS on where the gimbal will work. As amazing as this thing is, there are environments that it simply can't handle. That is EXTREME vibration. We put it on an 800hp Outlaw Sprintcar and it did not do well. In fact all the vibration made the two screws come out of the holder and the camera landed in the driver's lap! Another is on Harley motorcycle handlebars. There's simply too much 3D movement for the servos to handle. Gimbal does better with smaller vibrations.

Check out the quadcopter (drone) version of this handheld gimbal. Same functions but with RC control. We are working on a stand alone version to go in a racecar, end of a pole, etc.

INTL ORDERS: Do not use USPS first class mail. It does not have tracking, or insurance and can take 4 weeks to deliver.

3 Axis Hand Held Gimbal Demo

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