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GoPro Hero3 3+ Hero4 37mm Variable ND Neutral Density Polarizer Lens Filter
GoPro Hero3 37mm Variable ND Neutral Density Polarizer Lens Filter

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Our Price: $19.00

Product Code: EFPV37

37mm Slip-on Retaining Ring:
Add Ring [Add $9.00]

This is the greatest thing since sliced bread! This is actually two polarizer filters that interact with each other and you can vary the intensity of light coming to the lens. Basically giving you the exact same results as an ND Neutral Density filter with the added benefit of variable density and the advantages of a polarizer (darkening sky, removing reflections from water / windows). How cool is that!

Filter comes with a variable chart on the side so you can exactly duplicate the density in the future. Cuts out light from 2 stops to 5 stops!

This is for use on the GoPro Hero3 / 3+ camera with no housing. Requires the 37mm retaining ring.

Weight of glass filter: 0.5oz (15grams). Weight of retaining ring (not included): 0.17oz (5grams)

Note: This vignettes at WIDE setting on the HD Hero2,3,3+. Here's a screeenshot for WIDE video and a still:

Retaining ring in the pictures not included.