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HDMI Video Capture Box and Live Streaming

HDMI Video Capture Box and Live Streaming

Our Price: $299.00

Product Code: EHVR-HDMI

We have a more inexpensive version without streaming.

It's finally here. The ability either record your HDMI signal to your laptop or stream the HDMI signal to various services like YouTube (requires fast internet connection). The box is just half of the equation. The other half is the great 3rd party software this comes with. It comes with ArcSoft Showbiz editor. It will allow you to save in: TS, MP4 formats. The streaming software is their own StreamEez that allows you to stream HDMI to 7 different services. Sorry, it appears MAC is not supported.

A few 'gotcha's' to be aware of:
This is really just plain vanilla HDMI. No fast frame rates, no exotic resolutions. No high-end professional quality bit rates (no possible through USB 2 connection). Max bit rate is 14mbps - but it looks really good. This is really not a big deal since the camera is recording in high bit rate on the SD card simultaneously.
There is a significant delay because the box is having to compress the signal live. It's about a 2 second delay no matter what resolution.
Here's what we've experience:

The supported resolutions:
It seems to vary by GoPro camera model.
With the Hero3 Silver the converter box will RECORD 720-60, 1080-30.
With Hero2, 720-60 is also recorded in 60p
With Hero3+ Black the box will not record 60fps in any resolution. IT WILL see 1080-60, but when it records, it's is 30fps.
960p is NOT supported. Anything above 1080 is NOT supported.

Perplexing is when recording live, the audio on all the Hero3 cameras is LOW, but when you play back from the camera's card THROUGH the converter box, the audio is fine. Hero2 audio is fine.

Below are the official specs for the product. Please note, this is NOT our product and we don't do any kind of product support or accept returns.


StreamEez-Pro Features

StreamEez-Pro has these great features:

  • Stream live video at excellent video quality with Wowza Media Server or Wowza AWS
  • You can also stream through YouTube, Ustream and Twitch, plus Meridex and other live video services
  • Also supports simple to setup RTMP and RTP services for making your own StreamEez-Pro configuration
  • The StreamEez-Pro HD encoder uses a studio quality H.264 encoder, optimized for high quality, low bit rate streaming. Streaming data rates range from 500Kbits/sec to 12.5 Mbits/sec
  • The StreamEez-Pro HD encoder has a built-in downscaler, so you can take 1080p60 HDMI and convert to 720p or 480p
  • The StreamEez-Pro HD encoder has a built-in logo inserter, so you can add a transparent logo at up to 120,000 pixels of any aspect ratio
  • The StreamEez-Pro application can manage up to 4 StreamEez encoders. This allows you to support multiple CDNs, multiple bit rates, or even multiple video sources.
  • The StreamEez-Pro application can make a local recording onto your PCs disk drive while streaming

StreamEez-Pro has two parts: the StreamEez-Pro HD encoder and the StreamEez-Pro management application

The StreamEez video encoder is a rugged, high quality real-time HD encoder which converts HDMI video into H.264, the most widely used format for streaming video over the Internet. The StreamEez video encoder accepts HDMI video at up to 1080p60 and has a down scaler which can convert video to a lower resolution format such as 720p "on the fly". The StreamEez encoder also includes a logo inserter which can take a transparent PNG file and overlay it on top of the live video. There is an HDMI output port which can be used to connect to a video monitor.

The StreamEez-Pro application

The Streameez-Pro application runs on Windows 7 or Windows 8 and has a simple to setup access for Internet video streaming to Amazon Web Services through Wowza, plus supports the Meridix sports streaming service and Ustream, Twitch and YouTube. The StreamEez-Pro application allows a user to easily choose streaming profiles for low, medium and high bandwidth services. For advanced users, StreamEez-pro allows the creation of custom profiles with settings for bit rate and scaling factors. In addition to the built-in streaming services, StreamEez-Pro can support other streaming services using RTP or RTMP protocols.

Because all of the video encoding is done inside the StreamEez device, you can use any speed Windows 7 or 8 PC, even a small netbook.

Use Amazon Web Services and Wowza to stream your events locally or around the world

To stream a live event using StreamEez-Pro, an organization would need to have the StreamEez-Pro video encoder, a high definition HDMI camera, a laptop computer and an Internet connection. In addition, an Amazon Web Services account or an account with Meridix, Ustream or Twitch can be used. Examples of live events which StreamEez-Pro can be used for are church events, school board meetings or other town hall events, and sporting events through the Meridix Sports Network.

With the StreamEez-Pro application, connecting to a streaming video service has four steps: create an account with your streaming service provider, enter your password, choose a streaming profile based on the speed of your Internet connection, and then start streaming. It's that easy!

Use the built-in logo inserter to add your logo to your video streams

The StreamEez-Pro HD encoder contains a built-in logo inserter which combines your logo to your video stream inside the StreamEez-Pro box. You can add a transparent PNG file, with up to 120,000 pixels in any aspect ratio with up to 256 levels of transparency, to your video streams.

Stream up to 4 live video feeds at the same time

The StreamEez-Pro application can manage up to four StreamEez devices at one time. Stream multiple camera angles or use multiple video services. StreamEez-Pro manages each stream or service independently.



StreamEez-Pro hardware specs

  • Hardware encoder
    • H.264 high definition video encoder, with video encoding from 480i to 1080p30
      Encoding datarate: from 100Kb/sec to 14 Mbits/sec
      Supports VBR and CBR encoding
      Built-in video downscaler
  • Input/output connections
    • HDMI in, from HDMI sources without HDCP
    • S-Video and composite video in, with stereo audio (optional cable not supplied, available here)
    • HDMI output
  • Size: 6 in wide x 6 in deep x 1.5 in high
  • Power: 6V at 1.6 amps
  • Weight: .75lb / .34 kg / 12 oz
  • Encoding formats
    • 1080p60p (recorded as 1080p30)
    • 1080p50p (recorded as 1080p25)
    • 1080i60
    • 1080i50
    • 720p60 (varies by GoPro camera model - may record as 30fps)
    • 720p50
    • 480p60
    • 480i60
    • 576p50
    • 576i50

System requirements

  • Laptop or desktop PC with 3.0 GHz single core or 2.0 GHz multi-core processor
  • Microsoft® Windows® 8, 7 or Vista (32 or 64-bit)
  • USB port (USB 2.0 or 3.0)
  • Optional: TV set with HDMI input (for use with video monitor)
  • 1 GB memory recommended
  • 220 MB free hard disk space
  • CD-ROM drive (for software installation)

Note: StreamEez will not encode video from HDMI with HDCP copy protection.

Streaming service compatibility

  • Any service using Wowza (including Wowza on Amazon Web Services)
  • Meridix sports network
  • Worship Channels network
  • Plus any streaming service which can take RTP or RTMP streams

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