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Micca HD Media Player - DISCONTINUED

Micca HD Media Player


Product Code: EMCA

If you're looking for a way to play your HD GoPro files directly to your bigscreen without the camera, look no further. This amazing box can not only play your HD Hero files, it can do slow motion, zooming, fast forward, fast rewind - directly from your SD CARD or USB drive! works in ALL HD formats and frame rates (audio too). NTSC and PAL HD compatible.

Works with practically any other video/picture files too. Connects to big screen with HDMI or the older component HD RCA plugs. Now you can play that killer footage at your event on the big screen and pause/fast forward or even zoom into the action! Supports firmware upgrades so it won't go obsolete.

Watch the instructional video

Complete PDF specifications file  www.eyeofmine.com/gopro/prod/Micca

HD Media Player-specs.pdf    http://www.eyeofmine.com/gopro/prod/Micca HD Media Player-specs.pdf

Comes with fully functional remote control, cables. Note: This does not store files, it simply plays back from your memory card or USB drive.

If you want to use this on the road, we've adapted this for USB power and have a complete package.