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Phone OTG External USB Cable
Phone OTG External USB Cable

Our Price: $15.00

Product Code: EPHC

WE DO NOT DO ANY KIND OF SMART PHONE SUPPORT. You should find out of your phone supports external USB drives. The plug on the end looks like a micro USB plug. Some phones require powered cables (Razor). Does NOT work with Apple products.

Use this cable to connect an external USB card reader (not included) to your smart phone so you can watch footage/stills from you digital camera directly from the microSD or SD card (assuming your phone can recognize the video file format - may need to download a video player).

This is good for our Eye-View1080HD video sunglasses, GoPro cameras and Mobius Actioncam. It's very convenient. No need for a laptop. Requires a card reader to work. YOU CANNOT CONNECT A CAMERA DIRECTLY TO A SMART PHONE (device to device).

You can also use this cable in order to change the settings on the Eye-View1080HD video sunglasses or Mobius Actioncam (requires Mobius free App).