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GoPro Hero3 Hero3+ Hero4 Underwater WiFi-View by Eye Of Mine Action Cameras - SPECIAL ORDER
Underwater WiFi-View by Eye Of Mine Action Cameras

Our Price: $90.00

Product Code: EUWFV


6 Feet - Stickon sensor
15 Feet - stick-on sensor
25 Feet - stick-on sensor [Add $10.00]
50 Feet - stick-on sensor [Add $20.00]
75 Feet - cable In door [Add $60.00]
100 Feet - cable in door [Add $70.00]
125 Feet - cable in door [Add $80.00]
150 Feet - cable in door [Add $90.00]

GoPro Underwater WiFi extension for GoPro Hero3, 3+, Hero4 or possibly other WIFi cameras. See our other housing for the Hero5.

In the meantime, download the GoPro App and connect to your smartphone and learn the app's features, so when you get the WiFi-View, you'll be ready to go - underwater.
NOTE: This does not include the front underwater DIVE housing. Just the back door.

This is the exclusive GoPro Eye Of Mine Underwater WiFi-View. It is pretty amazing to watch for GoPro Hero3, 3+ and Hero4. The very thin cable transmits the camera's WiFi signal to your smartphone / tablet or laptop on land and lets you completely control your GoPro with the GoPro App- we kid you not! Works with Hero3, Hero3+ and Hero4 cameras. This Underwater WiFi-View requires NO POWER.

You simply use the standard GoPro App as you normally would on land. All the functionality is available as it is on land.

The latest GoPro App lets you:
- View a low resolution live image
- Turn the camera on/off
- Start rec/stop the camera
- Playback the footage from the card*
- COPY the files to your smartphone/tablet or laptop. In either low resolution or high resolution*
- Change any camera settings
- View the camera's battery level
- View all the on-screen GoPro icons normally seen in the GoPro App on your device (see below right screenshot).

Underwater housing is NOT included, only the back door for the DIVE HOUSING (not for the Standard housing that ships with Hero3+, 4).

* You cannot record while playing back footage or transferring files with the GoPro App.
Note that only one device can connect to a GoPro. If you try to connect a second device, you will get a freeze-frame on the first device with the live video. This is a limitation of GoPro and not our system. This limitation is because WIFI is a two-way communication and having two receiving devices would cause conflict.

The Underwater WiFi-View is available as a double-stick add-on
to your stock back door in these lengths:

Note: WiFi-View must be attached to the stock back door and NOT the thicker bacpac door which means you cannot use a battery bacpac or LCD screen with this system.

Hero3-4 shown above (sensor goes on top)

Shown above is the STICK-ON sensor for 50' or less of cable. Only back door is included.

Longer than 50 feet, we will embed the cable into the backdoor. We will pressure test the door to the length of the cable. So instead of getting a stick-on sensor, you will be getting the Dive Housing back door for Hero3-4 with the cable permanently connected (not removable) from the back door. No front housing included. Just use yours.

Available permanent lengths:
This uses the DIVE HOUSING back door (included)

Note that the the versions that are 100 ft and longer with the wire embedded in the door use a taller door (sticks farther out the back) than the stock door. Same door as used for hero2 LCD bacpac. Note you need to have the DIVE housing. The stock Hero3+, 4 housing is too small.

The WiFi signal on the receiver sensor end is very weak, so the receiver sensor needs to physically touch the back of the smartphone / tablet or laptop. With lengths shorter than 50' the sensor can be within a few inches of the smartphone / tablet or laptop and does not need to touch it. We have an optional antenna to boost strength and WiFi repeater. See options section below.

We STRONGLY suggest you use one of the free WiFi signal checkers on your device and move the sensor around the back of your smartphone / tablet or laptop to find where the strongest signal is and then tape/velcro the sensor to this area. The bigger the device, the more important this step is. With the below smartphone (Note II) and tablet (Samsung Galaxy Note), the strongest signal is near the top of the devices. Note that there is about a 5-10 second delay before you see a signal change:

WATCH THE YOUTUBE VIDEOS BELOW TO HELP CLARIFY HOW THIS SYSTEM WORKS. It's deceptively simply. We make the assumption that you already know how to connect a GoPro to your smartphone / tablet. Connecting to a laptop is a little more complicated.

Underwater WiFi-View Kit contains:
1 back door for the dive housing (kit does NOT contain the front housing. Use your dive housing - Note must be the dive housing).
1 antenna wire with transmitter sensor on one end and receiver sensor at other end.
Double-Stick for transmitter sensor
Velcro for receiver sensor

Underwater WiFi-View How-To Video
Underwater WiFi-View Demo Video