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GoPro has announced the new HD Hero3+.  The Flagship product is the Black edition.

The HERO3+ Black Edition - The Most Advanced GoPro Camera Yet.

  • Innovative new housing yields a 20% smaller and lighter overall package when camera is installed in housing (waterproof to 40m)
  • 30% longer battery life
  • 4x faster Wi-Fi for quicker transfer and playback of photos and videos from your HERO3+ camera to your mobile device when using the GoPro App
  • SuperView is a new video mode that captures the world’s most immersive wide-angle perspective
  • Auto Low Light mode intelligently adjusts frame rate for varying lighting conditions
  • A new lens for sharper video and improved image quality
  •  The HERO3+ Black Edition camera has a suggested retail price of $399.99.




Here are the specs for the HD Hero3+ Black Edition:

• Professional 4Kp15, 2.7Kp30, 140p48, 1080p60, 960p100, 720p120 fps video

• 12MP photos at up to 30 frames per second

• SuperView video mode

• Auto Low Light mode

• Built-­‐in Wi-­‐Fi

• Wi-­‐Fi Remote (included) + GoPro App compatible

• Ultra wide angle glass lens

• Mono microphone

• 131’/40m waterproof housing

What’s Included Black Edition

 HERO3+ Black Edition Camera  

 131’/40m Waterproof Housing  

 Wi--‐Fi Remote  

 Higher Capacity Li--‐ion Battery  

 Quick Release Buckle  

 Vertical Quick Release Buckle  

 1 Curved + 1 Flat Adhesive Mount  

 3--‐Way Pivot Arm  

 USB Charging Cable

New Products that are compatible with all the GoPro cameras:

Head Strap that includes a new Quickclip that can attach to a belt or a hat or similar:


Jaws Flex Clamp Mount:



Junior Chesty Mount:


Protective Slip-On Lens:


Tripod Mount Cluster:

Comparison of the HD Hero3 and Hero3+

As you can see, the cameras are the same size, but the new housing is smaller.



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