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Camera Stopper 1/4-20 1/8" - 3 pack - no longer sold

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no longer sold

We aren't exactly sure what to call these, so we'll call them by what they do. It has a similar effect of tightening two nuts together on a bolt - which keep them from turning. The Stoppers come in a 3 pack of different sizes and are 1/8" thick (go here for ultra thin versions).

3 Sizes included are: .7", .9" and 1.1" diameters.
Thickness is: 1/8" (it's actually 3/32" thick which is just slightly shorter than 1/8") and the top has a pattern to help grip the camera (go here for the 1/16" ultra thin versions).

Here's when you would use it:

1: If your custom mount has a 1/4-20 bolt that is too long for the camera being used. This camera stopper will force stop at a specific spot on the bolt.

2: If you have a mount that has a 1/4-20 bolt that does not rotate or turn forcing you to tighten the camera in a direction you may not want. Use this camera stopper so you can exactly determine what direction the camera will be pointing and still be tight on the bolt.

Package contains 3 black acrylic stoppers of various sizes. Doesn't not include any mounts shown above.

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